Oregon State Beaver Baseball Camps Teach Youth about Baseball

Oregon State Beaver Baseball  pic

Oregon State Beaver Baseball
Image: oregonstatebaseballcamp.com

Cody Gotchall has been studying accounting, data analytics, and mathematics in Linn-Benton Community College’s iLearn Online degree and certificate program. Having previously studied at Oregon State University (OSU), Cody Gotchall remains a fan of the OSU baseball team.

OSU hosts several baseball camps as part of its attempt to get youth involved with baseball. Designed for players between second and 12th grades, these camps provide high-quality baseball instruction.

During the course of a Beaver Baseball Camp, campers have the opportunity not only to develop their individual skills and knowledge of the sport, but also to participate in actual baseball games. Moreover, they receive guidance about improving themselves off the field.

The Oregon State Beaver Baseball Camps are held during the winter, summer, and fall. Winter camps are held at the Truax Center, while summer and fall camps are held at OSU in Goss Stadium at Coleman Field and at the softball field. Occasionally, other venues are used, too.

OSU’s head coach and his assistants, along with other junior college and high school coaches, lead the camps. Campers are expected to bring their own equipment, and overnight campers must bring towels, sleeping bags, and other overnight necessities.


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