The Importance of Spay and Neuter Procedures for Pets

SafeHaven Humane Society Image:

SafeHaven Humane Society



Cody Gotchall is currently a business student who particularly enjoys the numbers and analytical aspects of his studies. In addition to his academic work, Cody Gotchall spends time volunteering with charitable organizations, having previously worked with the SafeHaven Humane Society.

Each year, animal shelters and pet rescues take in more than 7.5 million homeless animals, including 3.4 million cats and almost 4 million dogs. About 2.7 million of these animals are euthanized annually due to limited resources and lack of space. The single most effective way for pet owners to help reduce these numbers is to spay or neuter their pets. In addition to maintaining a healthy pet population, spaying and neutering offers health benefits to animals who have undergone the procedure.

Spayed or neutered pets live longer, healthier lives compared to other pets. Uterine infections and breast tumors – fatal in 50 percent of canines and 90 percent of felines – are far less likely if the animal has been spayed or neutered at an early age, particularly if before the first heat. Male animals can no longer develop testicular cancer and are less likely to have prostate issues, while females can avoid pregnancy complications.


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