Fun Cribbage Variations for Experienced Players

Captain's Cribbage pic

Captain’s Cribbage

Oregon native Cody Gotchall is currently pursuing a degree at Linn-Benton Community College, where he takes classes in business. When he finds time away from his school work and volunteer responsibilities, Cody Gotchall enjoys playing and winning at cribbage with his family.

Cribbage is a fun and often competitive game that has been popular for centuries. If you are already familiar with the standard rules and are looking to mix up your cribbage game, consider one of the following variations for a change of pace.

Captain’s Cribbage. This version turns a three-person game into a fast-paced team effort. Two players join forces against the third, who is called the captain. The captain is only required to score 61 points to win, while the other two players must cumulatively score the standard 121 points. Players take turns being captain, and after a set number of rounds the player with the most wins is the ultimate winner.

Lowball Cribbage. This backwards variant requires players to make the lowest score possible, rather than the highest. The first player to reach 121 loses. All other standard rules apply, and cards are scored in the usual way.


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