Even Housing Animals Temporarily Can Be a Big Help

SafeHaven Humane Society pic

SafeHaven Humane Society
Image: safehavenhumane.org


An Oregon native, Cody Gotchall currently resides in Corvallis where he continues to pursue college studies in science, technology, math, and engineering. Outside of his academic pursuits, Cody Gotchall is an active community volunteer and has lent his time to various organizations such as local churches and the Safe Haven Humane Society, where he enjoys helping animals.

For animal lovers, the desire to help homeless and rescue animals can sometimes be greater than one’s ability to do so, given their current life situation. Lending a helping hand, however, is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Even if a person can’t commit to housing a rescue or shelter animal on a permanent basis, there are still ways an animal lover can help local humane societies and other animal-welfare groups.

Many shelters are consistently filled to capacity. If a person can’t take home one of these animals and give them a permanent home, there are often programs in which one can provide a temporary foster home for an animal until it can be placed with someone permanently. Even a space like an extra bathroom or closet, where one can care for a cat and a newborn litter of kittens, for example, can mean the difference between life and death for several shelter animals, as taking care of them temporarily means that the shelter can open up extra spaces for needier animals. Then, when the shelter locates a suitable owner, they can refer animals located in the temporary foster home for permanent placement.


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