Cribbage Tips for New Players


Cribbage pic


Currently a student in college taking computer classes, Cody Gotchall is a graduate of Crescent Valley High School in Oregon, where he enjoyed studying mathematics, science, sculpture, and woodworking. When he is not busy with his studies, Cody Gotchall enjoys playing cribbage with his family, a game his father introduced him to when he was in third grade as a means to help him enjoy his math lessons. Here are some cribbage tips for new players.

1. Play toward the basic point-scoring hands, which include combinations of cards that add up to 15, pairs, and three-of-a-kind hands. As you advance in skill start playing toward other high scoring hands, including straights, which are made up of at least three cards in numerical order, and flushes, which involve having at least four cards of the same suit.

2. Throw the best cards you get to your crib, which include fives, any sequential numbers, and pairs.

3. Try to avoid providing your opponent with cards that can easily be used to make 15s, such as five and ten cards, when it is his or her crib.

4. Try to play fives as early as possible to avoid situations where they could be trapped and used against you by your opponent.


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