About Cody Gotchall


A native of Corvallis, Oregon, Cody Gotchall graduated from Crescent Valley High School in 2014 and accepted admittance to Oregon State University. He continues to explore potential majors as he starts his second year, highlighted by an entry-level course in economics. While attending CVHS, Cody Gotchall excelled in science and math and gained experience in teamwork as a member of the competitive robotics team.

Mr. Gotchall has provided lawn, painting and animal care services locally and has volunteered at the Hoover Elementary School Carnival and the Chintimini Dog Show. His other charitable activities include staffing a 4-H booth, helping prepare for the county fair, and feeding individuals at St. Mary’s Church Stone Soup Kitchen.

Away from his studies, Cody Gotchall develops his analytical skills by completing Sudoku puzzles and playing such games as cribbage. He also likes to observe the strategy involved in baseball, and follows Coach Pat Casey and the Oregon State Beavers. In addition to sports, he enjoys watching a variety of television shows, including Sherlock, starring his favorite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.


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