Basic Rules of Cribbage


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As a student at Linn-Benton Community College, Cody Gotchall has enjoyed math- and science-based coursework. Cody Gotchall developed his enthusiasm for math as a youth when his father taught him cribbage as a way of engaging with arithmetic concepts.

Popular since the 17th century, cribbage challenges players to add card values to reach a total of 121 points. Scoring takes place using a wooden board that typically features four rows of 30 holes each. Players receive two pegs, which leapfrog over one another during scoring to indicate both total score and per-hand score.

Most games of cribbage are of the six-hand variety. Using a standard pack of 52 cards, a dealer gives six cards to each player, two of which the player chooses to place face down. These cards become part of the crib, which serves as an extra hand for the dealer.

Players then lay down cards one at a time and add their totals. Players must stop before their hand reaches 31 points, and the last player to lay down a card receives an extra point. Bonus point options include two points for a score of exactly 15 or for two of a kind, while six points are available for three of a kind and 12 for four of a kind.

Scoring rules also include extra points for a run, or sequence, which are worth more points the longer they become. Cards of the same suit are worth points as well, though the crib can only receive this bonus if all five cards share a suit.

A Handful of Bruce Springsteen’s Best Songs about Social Justice

Bruce Springsteen

Cody Gotchall is a student at Linn-Benton Community College who has an interest in several different academic fields, including engineering and business. In his free time, Cody Gotchall enjoys listening to the music of Bruce Springsteen, especially because of the social-justice themes present in his lyrics.

One of his most poignant songs is American Skin, which is about the death of unarmed Guinean man Amadou Diallo at the hands of four New York City police officers. The song expresses outrage at the tragedy while also taking an empathetic stance toward the police. American Skin has only become more meaningful in the era of Black Lives Matter.

Youngstown remains one of Springsteen’s most popular songs. At its heart, the song denounces the military industrial complex of the United States and asks what American citizens really need and deserve when they come home from war.

A newer but incredibly moving Springsteen song is We Are Alive. The song takes listeners through a cemetery as various ghosts visit the singer and evoke some of the most meaningful struggles in American history, including the civil rights, labor, and immigration movements.

The Ghost of Tom Joad is one of Springsteen’s most important songs. Released during the economic boom of the 1990s and named after the protagonist of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, the song is a powerful reminder that there are always people living in the margins and these people need an advocate.

Cribbage Tips for New Players


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Currently a student in college taking computer classes, Cody Gotchall is a graduate of Crescent Valley High School in Oregon, where he enjoyed studying mathematics, science, sculpture, and woodworking. When he is not busy with his studies, Cody Gotchall enjoys playing cribbage with his family, a game his father introduced him to when he was in third grade as a means to help him enjoy his math lessons. Here are some cribbage tips for new players.

1. Play toward the basic point-scoring hands, which include combinations of cards that add up to 15, pairs, and three-of-a-kind hands. As you advance in skill start playing toward other high scoring hands, including straights, which are made up of at least three cards in numerical order, and flushes, which involve having at least four cards of the same suit.

2. Throw the best cards you get to your crib, which include fives, any sequential numbers, and pairs.

3. Try to avoid providing your opponent with cards that can easily be used to make 15s, such as five and ten cards, when it is his or her crib.

4. Try to play fives as early as possible to avoid situations where they could be trapped and used against you by your opponent.

Fun Cribbage Variations for Experienced Players

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Captain’s Cribbage

Oregon native Cody Gotchall is currently pursuing a degree at Linn-Benton Community College, where he takes classes in business. When he finds time away from his school work and volunteer responsibilities, Cody Gotchall enjoys playing and winning at cribbage with his family.

Cribbage is a fun and often competitive game that has been popular for centuries. If you are already familiar with the standard rules and are looking to mix up your cribbage game, consider one of the following variations for a change of pace.

Captain’s Cribbage. This version turns a three-person game into a fast-paced team effort. Two players join forces against the third, who is called the captain. The captain is only required to score 61 points to win, while the other two players must cumulatively score the standard 121 points. Players take turns being captain, and after a set number of rounds the player with the most wins is the ultimate winner.

Lowball Cribbage. This backwards variant requires players to make the lowest score possible, rather than the highest. The first player to reach 121 loses. All other standard rules apply, and cards are scored in the usual way.